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Premier Rental Purchase – Just Arrived – March 15, 2012

1. Kenmore Washer – Order Today at

When you close the lid on the Kenmore Washer 2600 and hear the splash of water pouring over your laundry, you can trust that your clothes will come out fresh and clean. Too often other washers don’t deliver, or worse, they under-deliver and waste energy in the process.
The Kenmore Washer 2600 was designed to bring you the best performance possible in its class, while using less energy. With an innovative wash plate, this Kenmore moves your laundry in whole new ways, delivering the deep clean you expect. Energy Star qualified and built to last, this effective washer will be a dependable addition to your laundry room for years to come.

  • This 3.6 cubic-foot-capacity washer cleans 30 extra-large t-shirts in one load
  • Save more than $130 in water and energy a year (compared to a deep fill top-load washer manufactured before 2004, using the Normal cycle)
  • With an innovative high-efficiency wash plate, the washer doesn’t have to fill up with water to deliver great cleaning performance, saving 20 gallons of water per load (compared to a deep fill top-load washer manufactured before 2004, using the Normal cycle)
  • Suit the cycle to the fabric, with 9 wash cycles, 4 water temperatures, 3 spin speeds and a second-rinse option
  • Choose one of four soil levels to match the wash cycle to how dirty the load is
  • With a CEE Tier III rating, this washer saves 76% water and 82% energy (compared to a deep fill top-load washer manufactured before 2004, using the Normal cycle), and may make you eligible for rebates offered in your area
  • StainBoost™ extends the wash time to get rid of stains while still gently caring for your clothes.
  • The drawer dispenser system mixes water with detergent or fabric softener before they are released into the wash. This way, the detergent and fabric softener are ready to start working instantly

2. Kenmore Dryer – Order Today At
5.9 cu. ft. capacity
Mechanical controls
7 drying cycles
Timed drying
Reversible side-swing door

3. Kenmore Standard Clean Range – Call Today, Get It Today!

  • Large 4.1 cu. ft. standard-clean porcelain oven with two racks
  • One 8″ @ 2,100W and three 6″ @ 1,250W coil elements
  • Chrome drip pans
  • Removable door with reach-through handle
  • Storage drawer

4. Kenmore Smooth Top Range – No Long Term Obligation!

This range features a self clean oven for easy clean up. Easy to clean ceramic glass cooktop features one 9 in./6 in. 2,500 watt element for flexibility, one 9 in.2,500 and two 6 in. 1,200 watt elements. Easy Set™ 305 electronic oven controls with delay start and select clean options. Oven control lockout feature locks controls when range is not in use.

  • Take positive control of cleaning chores. Save time and effort with Easy Set™ 305 electronic oven controls. Convenient delay start cook or clean plus adjustable self clean cycle times let you handle tasks to fit your schedule.
  • Plenty of cooktop capacity for your cooking convenience. Easy to clean ceramic cooktop features a 9 in./6 in. expandable element and four cooking zones to prepare a variety of dishes at the same time.
  • Large porcelain oven. 5.3 cu. ft. self clean oven lets you cook an entire meal at the same time.
  • Keep cookware handy while saving valuable kitchen cabinet space. The handy storage drawer provides extra storage space for all kinds of cookware, helping to reduce clutter in the kitchen for a cleaner, more contemporary look.
  • Cook more at once. Two oven racks let you cook twice as many double chocolate brownies.
  • Keep an eye on whats cooking in your oven. Extra Large window and handy light in oven so you can easily check the status of food.

5. Kenmore Refrigerator – No Credit Checks!

  • 1 full-width fruit/vegetable crisper
  • 3 shelves (2 adjustable, white wire, slide-out)
  • 3 door storage shelves (1 gallon)
  • Recessed handles
  • Textured steel cabinet and reversible doors
  • Accepts optional automatic ice maker (kit #46-8087)
  • 28″ W x 65 1/8″ H x 29 3/8″ D

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