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Ashley “Benjamin Mocha” Recliner

Benjamin Mocha Recliner

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The contemporary design of a "Benjamin" rocker recliner features the plush design of the fold-over pillow top arms along with the supportive seat cushion and divided back for great lumbar support to create an exceptional addition that is sure to enhance the beauty and comfort of any living room.

90 Day Same As Cash Plan!
Lease for ONLY $9.99+Tax Weekly or $39.99+Tax Monthly

8 CENTS FOR YOUR FIRST WEEKS RENT! Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary! Try It Before You Buy It!

Premier Rental Purchase as 2 Dayton Locations:

Dayton East – Eastown Shopping Center
3926 Linden Ave
Dayton, OH 45432

Dayton West – Highland Plaza
4589 Salem Ave
Dayton, OH 45416

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