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Ashley “Catalina” Bedroom Group at Dayton’s Premier Rental Purchase

Ashley "Catalina" Bedroom Group

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Alive with a light elegant style, the “Catalina” bedroom collection is bathed in an airy opulent finish that beautifully accents the deeply carved scrolling motif with champagne color tipping and the ornate flowing headboard and mirror inserts to create the perfect traditional setting for your bedroom’s decor.

Lease The Ashley "Catalina" Bedroom Group for Only $79.99+Tax or Buy This Group for Only $779.99+Tax. 90 Days Same As Cash Available

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Premier Rental Purchase has 2 Dayton Area Locations:

Dayton West – Highland Plaza
4589 Salem Ave
Dayton, OH 45416

Dayton East – Eastown Shopping Center
3926 Linden Ave
Dayton, OH 45432

Monday thru Friday 10am to 7pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday Closed

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1. Loaner Needed – At Premier, our duty is to make sure you are happy. So if the item you are renting is going to need serviced, we will bring you a loaner.
2. There is never a credit check. Don’t let things that happen to your credit prevent you from getting the things you need.
3. Lease to own or Buy Retail at Premier Rental Purchase
4. We offer great rates for long or short-term rental
5. Cash Sales that rival traditional retail home furniture stores.

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