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Know your cooking needs before shopping for ovens and stoves

If it’s time or you’re looking for a new oven and/or stove, the first thing you do is pay close attention of how much you use it and, most of all, on what. There are so many varieties of stoves and ovens to choose from that can make your cooking more efficient and enjoyable. Write down your regular cooking menu items. What do you cook? How often and how much? Whatever your regular cooking menu is, start writing them down. You’ll quickly find out what type of stove and oven you need. Make sure you consider each season. Families tend to cook indoors and bake more in the Winter. School season tends towards quicker meals. Seasonal changes can be very significant to the cooking needs so when writing down your menus, go through each season to be thorough. Another good tip is while you’re cooking, what are your most frustrating or helpful elements of your current cooking and baking experience? Most people don’t think about it because they’re so used to their current oven or working around it. If there is something frustrating with current stove, chances are a new one can fix it. If you bake a lot then consider double wall ovens, dual range or single. An important factor is how big of a dish you cook or how many. If you do a big Turkey for holidays, keep that in mind. If you have some rolls, potatoes and a casserole all for one meal think about multiple ovens as that will simplify the timing process for when dinner’s ready and everything is cooked to perfection. If you cook on the oven top a lot then look at a five range types. There are those smooth tops that have range or two that accommodate pans with different circumferences and allow for dual ranges for large frying pans. Those help with flexibility and saving energy. Then there’s the eternal debate of gas vs electric. I won’t go into the many nuances except to say more advanced cooks prefer gas as it gives you more control and an even burn but costs more but saves money on electric bills. Electric ovens are safer and cheaper. The last but not least tip is to go into the shopping process with a budget in hand. Ovens can range from $600 to $5000. Don’t open yourself to wasted trips or time. Know your budget. If you can’t buy outright, make sure you compare a credit card vs rent to own. Rent to own stores offer all types of stoves and payment plans. You are never obligated to buy it out right so gives you the flexibility to return it if you don’t like it. On the flip side, you can find a great used deal at rent to own stores to buy it outright and save a bundle. Just be sure to call around as timing is everything when you go that route. It’s all about the budget of your payments. The more you can afford each payment and less number of payments, the less money you spend overall. And then there’s the legal obligation of a credit card vs no legal obligation with rent to own. Those are two biggest factors on which transaction is better for you. Just another ShopRTO Home Appliances tip. For More Great Shopping Tips go to: Shop for more great products and sales

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