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Measure The Correct Way When Picking Out The Right Dining Room Table For Your Home

There are several key factors when picking out your new dining room table. The most important is the proper size for your dining room table which means measuring first. And most people use the wrong measurement process so use these. When you determine the room you’re going to put that dining room table, you need to measure three things going backwards to find out the dimension and type of dining room table. First measure exit/entrance distance from any walls that you plan to put the table. Ideally, you want at least three feet of room to get in and out of your chair to enter and exit the table. Measure from the back of the chair and back legs to the edge of the wall, bookcase, etc. Some chairs have legs that stretch beyond the top of the chair so make sure you remember that when picking out the chairs that go along with the table. Secondly you measure the exit/entrance room from chairs pulled out from the table. As if you’re through eating and relaxing in your chair talking to your family and friends. The way you measure that distance is to have your chair pulled out from the table to fully extend your legs. Then, you can measure your table by your knees. In other words, your knees need to align to the edge of the table when your legs are fully extended. Once, you have gone through steps one through three, you will be able to measure the correct dimensions of your table with the chairs. Hopefully you will have a sitting chair in your house to base these measurements on and give yourself some wiggle room when shopping. Now you have solid measurements to go into furniture stores that factor in the length from your home wall to your knees fully extended sitting. Those measurements will basically dictate whether you need a square, rectangle, oblong or round dining room table. Try to go with dining room sets so you don’t have to worry about chair height. But make sure when you’re testing out the dining room chairs to sit at the very edge of the seat and the very back to see if they wobble or tip. You will not be happy with chairs that wobble or tip but most people don’t test to that extent then have those regrets later. You can avoid buyers remorse through rent to own furniture stores. Test the table out at home for a month and if you like it, execute the early purchase option. Better yet, exercise their 90-days same as cash option and if you like the table after a month testing it out then make those last two monthly payments to really save while not putting yourself in a buyers remorse bind. And if you don’t like it have them pick it up then choose another. Many ready to own stores will let you replace while keeping previous payments. BUT, make sure first. Every rent to own store have different policies and wiggle room so ask before. Just another ShopRTO Home Decorating and Home Furniture Tips. MORE GREAT TIPS AND IDEAS ARE AVAILABLE AT Get What you need Today at

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