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Ready for Black Friday? Some tips and predictions.

Black Friday is getting closer so get prepared for the busiest shopping day of the year with these Shop RTO shopping tips. First, and most importantly, don’t be fooled by the “one day” sale. Black Friday will last a week or more. Secondly, predictions are that Cyber Monday will kick its butt. So use the Internet specials to force local stores to honor the best deals. Most stores will honor others specials so keep that in mind when shopping for certain deals. Especially with computers and TVs. Those two are predicted to be the hottest deals this season. Even with home furniture and appliances. You can buy everything on the net these days so start there and use those deals to leverage the best ones at your local furniture and appliances stores. Whether you like it or not, Black Friday will continue to creep into Thanksgiving day for many retailers. So ‘Black Friday’ is beginning to mean Thursday to Tuesday and even beyond. Look for great deals in laptops, tablets and 60″ TVs. Those are supposedly the hot deals. Ipad Minis for $200 and cheap androids for $25. And, 60″ TVs for $450. If you’re looking for a bigger TV then the upcoming Black Friday might do you just right. Remember, Black Friday means retail specials which means all retail including rent to own stores. Local rent to own stores need your business as much as the others if not more so use the market to bargain with them. Remember the golden rule of shopping to own. If you’re 100% sure, pay cash. If not, then try before you buy with rent to own. If you can’t buy cash then compare rent to own with a credit card comparing all the attributes of each transaction. You’d be surprised how rent to own can save you money and the potential legal problems of a credit transaction. Just another Shop RTO Holiday and Lifestyle tips.

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