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Symbol “Comfortec” Mattresses – Premier Rental Purchase, Dayton, OH

Symbol "Comfortec" Mattress
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The Comfortec collection from Symbol Mattress, is the result of using technology to enhance comfort. Using state-of-the-art foam and spring technology, Symbol enhanced your sleeping surface by encasing the springs with foam providing a stable surface right up to the edge of the mattress. The one sided design lets you enjoy all of the comfort layers at once, while eliminating the maintenance of having to flip your mattress. The many comfort layers will conform to your body for the ideal spinal alignment for a good nights sleep.

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Queen Mattress

90 Days Same As Cash Available!

Lease a Symbol Queen Mattress for ONLY $79.99+Tax Monthly or $19.99+Tax Weekly!

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Call Our Dayton East Location and Order Today at (937)329-9879
Call Our Dayton West Location and Order Today at (937)558-9581

Premier Rental Purchase

Dayton East – Eastown Shopping Center
3926 Linden Ave
Dayton, OH 45432

Dayton West – Highland Plaza
4589 Salem Ave
Dayton, OH 45416

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